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ชนิดกระทู้ ผู้เขียน กระทู้: Top pick clutches for your night out!  (อ่าน 25 ครั้ง)
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Top pick clutches for your night out!

Did you know that a bag can be a valuable piece of clothing that can totally elevate your outfit? Not all the bags are suitable for all occasions. One bag might be only for formal occasions while the others might be for your chilling days. A night out is one occasion that you would want to pull your outfit off and shine. But if you still have no idea of which bags to wear for your night out, don’t worry, here are the best selections of clutches from H&M that are guaranteed to elevate the outfits that you are wearing out tonight!
1.Velvet Black clutch bag with Metal Chain Shoulder Strap
This functional bag comes in the black velvet material giving the soft and smooth touching. It’s definitely a perfect bag for girl’s night out as it has three compartments to keep small things like lipsticks, mobile phone, cards, and some cash. This bag can be used as a strapless item for a more elegant look as the strap is detachable, or with the strap as a cross body bag. The outfit matching recommendation for this velvet bag is a long loose black satin slip dress and a pair of platform sandals. You can also add a few pieces of golden jewelries to create a modern effortless look.
2.Velour clutch Bag with Detachable Gold Strap
Thinking of a girl glam look for you night out? You shouldn’t miss this beautiful light beige front flap bag with detachable gold strap. This bag comes with one large compartment and another small zippy compartment. With such a unique material used to make the bag, the luxurious and elegant feeling is instantly added to your overall look. To create that girly glam look for your night out, match it with a calf length dress with long puff sleeves and a pair of white narrow strap platform sandals. And you’re good to go!
3.Snakeskin-Patterned clutch Bag
Another must have item for the sassy girls who are looking to have a young and fun night out is this snakeskin-patterned bag. Not just being made with beautiful materials, the bag is also practical as it comes in one large and one small compartment. The size of this bag is just perfect to keep just enough items you would need for your outing. The concealed magnetic attached to the front flap of the bag is good for preventing things from falling off of your bag. If you’re aiming for a more funky and fun look for the night, try matching up smocked long sleeve shirts with crepe paper bag mini skirt. And finish up your look with an all white sneakers to stay comfy but chic.

Here are just some of the selections from tote bag from H&M collections .There are more amazing pieces that you can match with your long sleeve shirts, mini skirt and other outfits on every occasion that makes you have a good personality. Check out the H&M bag collections at or at a local store near you.
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